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August 31, 2015


Mollejas al Verdeo
Mollejas al Verdeo: sweetbread with spring onion, cream, white wine and French pastry
#ELGAUCHOMILANO. "A unique place, filled with nostalgic flavours of Argentine lands in Milan."
Roberto Achurra introduces El Gaucho, Argentine Restaurant in Milan telling stories about a distant land, whispered by the wind brushing the pampas plains through their green hair. There the Gauchos rode, typical cow boys grown in South America.
It looks like a story made of memories melted with a land, a home, a far homeland remembered by the tasty flavours of a cuisine made of fragments picked from a lost time in the past, now a puzzle of life in a foreign country.
A traditional cooking which exhalts meat in every cut and form: from the "Asado" piece (barbecue) to the empanadas filled with meat and other typical vegetables, not to mention fillet beef and ribs.
Desserts on tiptoe with their romantic flavour, you could easily remember that time when, as a child, the lightness of family smiles was a celebration. As the "Dulce de Leche", sweetened milk prepared by slowly heating.
A warm place as one of that fairy tales whispered in front of a Mate cup, a rich caffeine-infused drink. Everything could be lived again and again taking a short walk near the Naviglio Grande way. Step out...

May 21, 2015




Clouds chasing thoughts wriggling out of a mind filled with missed dates. 
Time to create new perspectives. Dreams, projects, efforts, whatever you like to fill your time.
Rewind. Get off a moment, meditate on the world outside. Where would you go tomorrow? Be sure to make your own way today. Brighten up your mind, the storm’s over. Put a frame on the amazing scenery around you. Observe it, absorb it.
Time to leave. The frames of fading memories melting with the landscapes of lake Como. Glimpses captured from a window of Hotel Posta Moltrasio . Everything is so close, it helps to sort muddled thoughts out.
Time to leave, not so far from your life. Recharge your batteries: better with a filled wine glass. At La Veranda Restaurant place they are the very best in the peculiar activity to fill your glasses and plates. They make us the gift of precious recipes, re-elaborated traditions, tales of an activity that needs your sacrifices. 
Time to share. A smile: it cheers you up, it tastes like the most special dishes.
Time to stop. Breathe the fresh awareness that is time to move on. Open this new bright new day turning the cover of the unique Como Lake landscape.

May 18, 2015


Cylinder of potatoes filled with parmesan crème Brule, quail eggs, crispy champignon and brunoise of glassed black truffle 
Cilindri di patata con creme brûlé di parmigiano, uovo di quaglia, champignon croccanti, brunoise di tartufo nero glassato.


Milan through the passing of the night time. It wipes the remains of a day worsened by loneliness, slowly removed by the multitude of people surrounding a solitary life. The pleasant smell of the evening resembles a new awareness. The winter’s ceased.
You could easy find yourself in a big city, during the evening, when the memories of dreams mingle with reality. As an Irish quote says, a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures. Yet I’d say, due to my vice not to consider the reality as an unchangeable universe, a lavishly decked table too.
This the mood I had when I met Tano Passami L’Olio, Michelin Guide starred restaurant in Milan. It was a fortuitous chance thanks to an innovative online booking restaurant system. I was at risk to lose myself through paths of tangled thoughts, so I decided to use MiSiedo: you can instantly book online your fav restaurant, or find new places to dine if your thoughtful wandering or a work commitment brought you in a less known area. If you are tourist in a foreigner country, no problem: you can also book a taxi with Uber car service simply through a click.
As I don’t like too easy things, I could not book a car through MiSiedo voucher due to temporary technical problems of Uber app, which registered the code without giving any service. Don’t worry if something similar would happen: they are very kind and their problem solving policy provides for a new voucher to use. You can now choose and reach the best restaurants in Milan!
These are the dishes I hat at Tano Passami L’Olio’s place, thanks to the extreme convenience of an online service like MiSiedo. I experienced an amazing dinner and a wonderful evening without worries nor efforts. Highly recommended.


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