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Magic Contour

Resta in ascolto. Nell’oscurità, un impalpabile battito diffonde la polvere screziata di farfalle dalle ali di tenebra, spandendo un fascino incartato in frammenti cinerei. 
E’ il fragore di una pagina a brandelli del libro della tua vita, uno stridore pungente sugli sfregi di una malinconia dispersa nel fruscio di sete nere.  Mi viene in mente una poesia di Kahlil Gibram. Indosso Ann Demeulemeester. Ascolto i Pink Floyd sussurrati con una vaga nota dolente nel cuore, un’armonia di inalterabile bellezza instrisa di mestizia. Difficile svelare a quale accordo dell’animo appartenga. Resta in ascolto. 

Keep listening. An intangible flutter gives off the mottled powder of dark-winged butterflies in a persistent obscurity, spreading this wrapped charm in ashen fragments. 
Like the sound of a torn page belonging to the book of your life, it stings on the melancholic scars scattered on the rustling sigh of black silks. Kahlil Gibram's verses occur to me. I wear Ann Demeulemeester. I'm listening to Pink Floyd whispered through a vaguely mournful note deep in the heart. An unchanging beautiful harmony soaked with melancholy. It's difficult to pick out which spiritual chord emits that sound. Keep listening.

Noir Help me to help you to help me Ann Demeulemeester noir Out Of The Box Parfum de Femme
Lieve per me è la notte

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2 commenti

  1. again beautiful set of pictures... great photos, great model... bravo :)

    1. Thanks a lot, again, MrHereisnowhy :)
      This was my first shooting with my friends Massimiliano, Francesco and Fulvio and they were really happy with the result :)


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