MAGNIFICAT ITALIA: a huge cupola embrace in Vicoforte Sanctuary

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Magnificat Italia Vicoforte a Mondovì

MAGNIFICAT ITALIA: your travel begins in Vicoforte Sanctuary, under the hugest cupola in Europe

The fifth cupola in the world, if we consider the dimension. Vicoforte shrine in Mondovì, a suggestive location near Cuneo, in Piedmont, registers secular history disclosed to our eyes.

MAGNIFICAT ITALIA: the first level in Vicoforte Sanctuary 

Ready to wear protections and helmets, useful to climb over this architectural wonder, ready to explorere some places never shown to the great public, it is an astonishing experience. Our "Santuario di Vicoforte" in Mondovì opened its secrets ramparts now eligible to visitors and tourists.
After a brief introduction about history, design and projects with a more or less catastrophic conclusion, you will be guided to the first level of your journey.

Magnificat Italia 03

Quite impressive as well, mostly when you come outside to see Mondovì from an unknown perspective such as the roof of the church...

Magnificat Italia 02

And my favourite view: look at that small white car under our feet! You should try this feeling: it is a strange, weird yet powerful awareness. We are so tiny and small in the world, yet capable of build such architectural wonders, like no other known life form so far. A deep and intimistic moment, maybe because I always become thoughtful on roofs.

Magnificat Italia 04

MAGNIFICAT ITALIA: the cupola stage of Vicoforte Sanctuary

Ready to climb a little bit again? Well, you'll be well rewarded: time to show you the elaborate and ornate Baroque Cupola of Santuario di Vicoforte (brace yourself...)

Magnificat Italia 05

MAGNIFICAT ITALIA: when I can visit the cupola stage?

Your tour will continue inside the real cupola roof (but I'll keep this secret), and I think that if you'll come for some reason in Piedmont, this should be a place to be seen. The full itinerary will take more or less 2 hours and it takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you are so lucky to drop nearby from 1st August till 10th September you can also enjoy a visit during the week, from Tuesday to Thursday, weekends included. You can also visit Vicoforte Sanctuary on a shorter tour of an hour, taking place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You'll find the ticket office in Piazza Carlo Emanuele I n. 35: that's where your tour will start.

Vicoforte Sanctuary visiting hours

Friday: 11.00 am; 2.00 pm; 4.00 pm; 7.00 pm; 9.00 pm.
saturday: 9.00 am plus 9.30 am. 11.00 am plus 11.30 am. 14.00 pm plus 14.30 pm. 16.00 pm plus 16.30 pm.
sunday and holidays: 10.00 am; 11.30 am; 12.00 pm; 1.30 pm; 14.00 pm; 16.30 pm; 17.00 pm.



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