Through Massimiliano's Eyes

You know that Voivod song?

That's my trade mark. I introduce myself answering to a conceived yet unsolved question on the tip on the tongue of my acquaintances: why have you set up such a website? When I decided to open this spot, I stopped. I took a break, breathing deeply, before throwing myself  headlong through the loving troubles of a changeable life. 

I created everything contained in this blog to remember the main characters who share their lives with mine through the passion that enlight hours made of running heads in a clock. 
I need a place wide as a breath, a spot completely mine, where it is not weird reading Vogue listening to Pink Floyd's stuff. 

That's my blog and place where fashion, rock, travel and cruelty-free beauty tips coexist together with my foodie's memoirs. I start the day with leather jacket and biker boots, sometimes jumping on heels wearing a cocktail dress. Among these Pindaric flights, I don't want to miss a minute spent together with the amazing people sharing their lives with mine.

Smiling is my attitude, and I'm allergic to empty Fashion Victims: no matter how beautiful and large a wardrobe could be, it's constrictive to be trapped in a unique box of accessories.  I prefer to live through the feelings given by instants, kept alive by the lines of unvanished thoughts, enriched with the shots of my perceived world filtered by a bit noir perspective. 

Fashion is as a shiny trap. It always draws my attention and I can't do without but gaze at it,  wherever I'm concealed. Inspiration is an instict you should seize on: the daily challenge is to be able to nurture it.  

I introduce myself with a lifestyle blog, telling stories about fashion, food, travel and beauty. I wrote about heavy metal music, I had a rock radio show, I could answer to your questions in Italian, English, Deutsch, Norsk, while I'm working on other languages. I was a fashion designer yet to be, I am a social media addicted every minute of my life, and I became a SEO specialist. 

Sometimes behind, sometimes in front of the photographer's lenses, I like fashion as well as demanding and boring books, chocolate and rock 'n' roll style. I suffer from a serious reliance on coffee, movies and Marvel super heroes. I always share my Geek Stuff with a huge LOL on it :)

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